Photo-catalyst filter
Product Description
Aluminium honeycomb photocatalytic filter, aluminum honeycomb carrier do, load efficiently light catalyst, has a large specific surface area, high purification efficiency, etc. As the highest valuable organic pollutants purification filter. It just after a light (uv) and its catalytic capabilities can be restored, activate medium are not loss, can be used renewable, use for a long time, thus became the air conditioner, air purification machine, auto cleaning system, heating machine manufacturers such as adoption of a new type of air purification filter.
Common active carbon and catalyst filter medium by consumption purify air, no longer; Smooth accelerant mesh USES light catalytic reaction a only itself does not participate in chemical reactions, so to be able to use for a long time. Light catalyst is an internationally recognized environmental protection product does not produce secondary pollution.

Product Features
To formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides affect human body health harmful organisms such as air purification effect.
Such as e. coli, yellow staphylococcus bactericidal effect, at the same time of sterilization can release harmful compounds on the body of decomposition by bacteria.
On cigarettes, animals, smelly, smelly toilets, garbage smells like deodorization effect.
Can custom any size and thickness specifications.
The aluminum honeycomb backing material, good stiffness, low wind resistance, suitable for air volume of the product.  
Ageing resistance, long service life.

△ Household air purification machine, fresh air system
△ Hospital, UV photolysis waste gas treatment equipment
△ The central air conditioning air purification, sterilization, and increase the negative oxygen ion concentration
△ Industrial waste gas treatment