Ozone removal filter
Product Description
Excess ozone has strong oxidation ability, can destroy the body's immune function. In addition to the ozone filter arises at the historic moment. Works a ward for aluminium honeycomb carrier, load efficient ozone decomposition catalyst, porous thin wall and high strength, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistance, the advantages of convenient composite applications, can be widely used in various types of air purification system, waste water treatment, ozone equipment secondary odor pollution control, disinfection, sterilization after eliminating pollution purification, etc.

Product Features
The catalyst synthesis and high temperature sintering technology of ozone removal rate as high as 99% above.
No secondary pollution.
Catalyst performance stability, long service life, can reach 2 ~ 3 years.
The aluminum honeycomb as base material, the contact area is large, air flow, tasteless, high removal performance.
According to the customer's requirements, more human, diversification.
Can be made according to the requirements of size, more humanized and diversification.

△ Lampblack purifier, laser printer, copier, UV machine, etc
△ The tail gas treatment of ozone in the process of wastewater treatment
△ Photolysis, plasma and ozone generator, high voltage electrostatic equipment such as ozone secondary pollution
△ Medical equipment sterilization, ozone pollution purification after odor elimination in public places