Relationship between environmental protection & development
Apr 10, 2021 share
At present, we’re embracing the era of green development, scientific understanding of the relationship between environmental protection and economic development will help our company to promote environmental protection and economic development. From the experience of outstanding enterprise, it is clear that environmental protection and economic development are not incompatible. On the contrary, making environmentally friendly products can lead to sustainable development of the company, and the comprehensive benefits are more than the cost we paid.

Our company focus on producing air filters based on aluminium honeycomb, which are environmentally friendly, hygienic, less toxic for people, animals and crops, and non-polluting. It is widely used for indoor fresh air system, industrial waste gas treatment, bacteria and odour removal, etc. The smoke, dust and waste gases emitted during work life and enterprise production can be treated in a timely and feasible manner, which is of great help in reducing the pollution of the atmosphere. In addition to aluminium honeycomb filter, our company also produce sponge mesh filter, aluminium foil mesh filter, ceramic and other substrates filters to meet the needs of different places.