Alert: lampblack diffuses at home affect indoor air
Apr 15, 2021 share
Reduce indoor smoke hazard to purify the air is very critical
According to expert introduction, lampblack with high adhesion, in our life, we can observe, items in the lampblack attachment, it is difficult to clean. Lampblack to enter human body, too, lampblack to enter the lungs, the normal work of the lungs become difficult, increased the burden of lung, if the lung is not clear in time this kind of material, it will stick in the lungs, trachea, cause breathing disorders. 10 weeks of pregnancy as well as mothers, in particular, oxygen consumption will increase sharply, of which about 50% is consumed by the fetus. This is because the fetus in the womb without respiratory function, completely on matrix suction oxygen, emit carbon dioxide, so pregnant women often feel shortness of breath, difficulty breathing. Due to excessive ventilation, dust suction more, plus pregnant women nose, pharynx, trachea and other respiratory tract mucosal hyperemia, edema is very prone to upper respiratory tract infection. So soot on the mother, not only due to excessive ventilation hazard, double will also affect the belly of the baby, how to get rid of the smell of cooking harm became two generations. The dangers of secondhand smoke than ordinary lampblack, some new father or expectant fathers smoking too much, smoke shut himself in the study, believe that can avoid opening a "smoking area". Little imagine indoor is a relatively closed space, secondhand smoke is very small particles, as long as there is gap, can be spread as the flow of air indoors. Therefore, in addition to quit smoking, must also change the cooking habits in our daily life, when cooking to avoid the oil temperature is too high, make the kitchen ventilation, these measures can reduce soot pollution of indoor environment.
But it is worth noting that how to strengthen the ventilation of the kitchen, can't 100% to reflect the, lampblack toxic to other soot is "available", then you can choose a meet international standards of air purifier, this kind of air filter for dust filtration efficiency and the sterilization rate has reached more than 92%, can have very good air purifying effect. Especially big international brand air purifiers, mostly with functions of real-time monitor, the spirit can be sensitive measurement of indoor air quality and through the light hint, and some products have moment to strengthen function, can high speed filter and clean air, such as the kitchen lampblack diffuses and instant cause indoor air quality can have very effective to improve the effect.