Air Cleaner
Apr 10, 2021 share
As the social and economic level continues to develop, people's demand for quality of life is increasing, and they are more and more concerned about the living environment they live in, so air cleaners are becoming more and more popular. Most air cleaners on the market are mainly filtered through the air filter to achieve the purpose of air purification, and the filter is mainly divided into particulate filters and organic filters. Particulate filters include a coarse filter, fine particulate filter. Organic filters include formaldehyde filters, deodorization filters, activated carbon filters, etc. Each filter mainly targets different pollution sources, and the principle of filtration is also different. But the ultimate goal is to remove airborne particles, including allergens, indoor PM2.5, etc.. It can also solve the problem of indoor, volatile organic compounds air pollution due to renovation or other reasons, including formaldehyde, VOC, etc.